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Create a 17 page essay paper that discusses Vessel electrical Distribution system.

These are vessels that apply complicated operational systems as extra precaution against accidents and that also needs effective management system, even employing well-tested computer software for electricity distribution and communication.

Great example of modern large vessels are cruise ships,

commercial and industrial ships and tankers, military ships, pipe layers, and drill, which have complicated electrical distribution systems with multiple generators, distribution boards, and significant essential services located throughout the vessel. The type of distribution system needs a power management system which is responsible for the automatic start/stop control of the generators, loads, and all interconnections inside the distribution ring. A ring-main configuration provides at least two power sources for each essential component.

Electrical distribution and control systems become problematic sometimes due to the growing number of consumers and distribution units. In this scenario, we must be able to provide detailed attention on the complex distribution and control systems and a focus on the special operation and reliability.

Working on these systems requires a collaborative effort as this is a real challenge for engineers and technicians. The crew who will operate need proper training. The worldwide shortage of qualified technical personnel affects the marine industry and superimposes the human factor on the operation issues. Engineering activities during the design of large distribution systems include the use of new modern tools, software packages, and often dynamic simulation analysis, all of which can lead to an increasing number of errors.

One particular problematic area is the application of converters, which are related with so-called harmonic distortion. Converters need filtering equipment, which are quite expensive. Multiple installation or

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