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Hi, I need help with essay on Al-Qaeda. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Their operations heightened from 1991-2011 and declined in the same year after the death of their founder Osama bin Laden. Members pledge their loyalty to Osama bin Laden and undergo training in various camps such as those in Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq. According to the alliance, killing a person is sacred and the killer is always blessed.

Muslim followers who terrorize their fellows are cursed for instance Gadhaffi, Hosni Mubarak, Hafez Assad among others. They disregard the law against killing and believe that Christians and Jews are there to paralyze Islam. They are also against the set laws in a bid to replace them with the Sharia law (Geltze, 2007).

The training manual begins by asserting that Muslims initially suffered under the hands of the missionaries who took over the colonialists. Their intention was to rid off the religion by doing everything through the western way. Muslim youths were subjected to this lifestyle until it dawned to them that they were being misled. From then they vowed to take revenge against their perpetrators. Christians and Jews. Religion allows defense through jihad or holy war conduced using weapons as well as committing all sorts of criminal activities from kidnapping to bombing. They are supposed to mix with other people by sharing the same residential houses but using false identities. Identity should change from location to location to avoid suspicion. The spirit of comradeship is emphasized with members avoiding the acts of betrayal to their fellows. All types of misdeeds can be done to the potential targets who are the non-conformists of Islam. The alliance also operates under the principles of patience, maturity, truth, love, discipline, secrecy and physical fitness (Al-Qaeda Manual).

Terrorists willingness to attack with nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical

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