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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on 100 Years of Solitude. It needs to be at least 750 words.

The conditions of that region are depicted by the use of various facts of life. revolution and war, youth and old age, poverty and prosperity, love and lust – all themes are found dispersed throughout this work.

People belonging to a variety of cultures reside in the South American land and it is for this reason that the influence of these cultures is evident in everyday life of the people of Macondo – the imaginary village. The story of the novel takes into account the history of almost five generations of the Buendia family and there are various points in the story where the author points towards the multicultural nature of the residents of the region.

The author has at various points pointed towards the uncertainties that prevail in the South American region. Of note is the way in which the political realities of the region are presented in the novel. The novel clearly depicts how the influential classes of the South American society used assassination as a tool to control the lives of common people. The number of people who lose their lives in the process is astounding. yet the thirst of blood of the power-hungry politically influential class is never satisfied. They way in which the influential class of the society uses the slogan of ‘patriotism’ to provoke the innocents of the society, is clearly a reflection of the negative ways that are utilized to achieve political gains using the strength of masses. The picture portrayed by the author clearly demonstrates the uncertainty regarding life. people are provoked and then punished, but justice is hardly ever served.

An interesting metaphor used by the author of this work is ‘ice’. Although regarded as the ‘greatest invention’ of this time by the author, ice holds symbolic significance that is beyond ordinary. Ice and its fate have been associated with the history of Macondo.

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