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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic FedEx’s HR.

The FedEx Team integrates a range of technological solutions, Management Information Systems, and leadership ideas to deliver quality services by maintenance of cohesion in its team and monitoring of performance levels. Use of innovative technology begins right with the collection of the shipments. FedEx® Ship Manager Software gives a unique track record of the shipment from collection to delivery.

The software also helps the company in risk mitigation during transit. FedEx Compatible Solutions Program gives, the customer, flexible shipping options linked with time and cost. White Glove Services® and FedEx Custom Critical also provide customer specific deliverables. The company’s intellectual properties are owned, operated and protected by its IT division.

The increased focus on quality deliverances go hand in hand with strengthening of the company’s human resource infrastructure. FedEx allows strategic decision making at all levels and has a well-oiled system to monitor its implementation by managing the upward, downward and lateral flow of information. Four business divisions of FedEx are integrated by a centralised IT system that has an annual budget of $1.5 Billion. 7 Habits® training module keeps the IT team in a dynamic improvement of key skills mode. The company used the exclusive FXTV and IP multi-cast technology to keep the employees, worldwide, abreast of a change management initiative. The training curriculum in FedEx, the Leadership Evaluation and Awareness Process (LEAP) carried out in-house at Leadership Institute moulds employees into middle rung managers, sometimes catapulting them to the top echelons of the company. An Internet based program helps the employees to look up and seek company wide promotion opportunities available. This doesn’t exclude company’s policy to take into its ambit, at any level, HR talent from outside. Creativity, aptitude, and to undertake

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