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Write a 3 page essay on Organizational Behavior Study Guide and Sample Comprehensive Review Questions.

A number of factor help to have access to what an individual likes and dislike including: projection, hako effect, attribution, perceptual set, perceptual context, perceptual defense, stereotyping among others.

4. Attitude is a way of behaving, or thinking towards a belief. Attitude has three components. The first is emotional which refers to an individual’s feelings towards a tangible object. The second is informational which are the beliefs or ideas that an individual has concerning an object. Lastly is behavioral which is the behavior (cognitive and affective) that a person has towards an object.

5. Attitudes can be formed through learning from experience of the social situation around a person. Attitudes can be changed through an individual’s will to reduce dissonance. also rewards of changing a particular perception about an object can help in change attitude.

6. Maslow hierarchy of needs is a human motivation theory which states that the most basic needs (which are at the bottom of the hierarchy) must be met in order for a person to desire the needs at higher levels. Herzberg’s motivation theory suggests that a worker can either be motivated by good incentives or dissatisfaction by bad conditions of a working place.Alderfer’s ERG (Cycle of Needs) is an employee motivation theory proposing that there three categories of human needs (existence, relatedness, growth) that motivates a worker. McClelland’s Three-need theory advocate that needs to achievement, affiliation and power motivates an employee when they are met.Expectancy Theory (Vroom and Porter/Lawler), propose that a person will select behavior and choose motivation based on the outcome/result desirability. Equity theory suggests that fairness and unfairness in a working place determine a workers satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Attribution theoryexamines the use of

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