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It is also important to note that the ideas came naturally to him and like other extroverts he tends to think while speaking. This quality made Steve Jobs as one of the important persons in information technology field to communicate ideas easily with others.

A key aspect of Steve Jobs personality was the combination of rationality with that of the designs and aesthetics. He was probably the key source behind the fact that Apple was able to manufacture and develop products which were combination of the rationality as well as the imagination and rationale. His idea of work was relatively consistent with that rationality as he was not considered as a narrow minded and have a clear vision of the future. It was also natural for him to actually conceive long term plans and act on them easily.

Rationalists are considered as visionary as well as practical in nature and both these qualities were present in Steve Jobs. He was able to visualize the future and made products and services which changed the future of computing and entertainment. However, he was also practical in the sense that he was able to successfully market those ideas and convert them into successful products.

He was not considered as a judgmental in nature as over the period of time, he was able to develop the ability to present both views about any argument. He was able to clearly advocate different and opposite ideas therefore may not be considered as judgmental in nature. According to Myers-Briggs, perceivers actually show the world their preferred perceiving function i.e. their intuition side therefore they tend to be more visionary in nature and have entrepreneurial abilities.

The above discussion suggests that Steve Jobs was one of the ENTJ and have all the qualities which can be found in a person who is open, easy to communicate rich and have a vision for

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