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Write a 4 page essay on Refeeding syndrome.

The Press Ganey scores prior to POD service implementation were extremely low. Since implementation, scores have risen. However, we believe that with small improvements, the survey scores on the POD service floors have the potential to increase dramatically.

Imagine this, you are lying in a hospital bed in pain and are unable to ambulate. All of a sudden, you hear a knock on the door, “Nutrition and dining services, may I enter your room?” You respond- “yes”. You are greeted by a smile and warm “Hello Mr. Kiley, right?”you respond “yes, that’s me”, “I just need to confirm your date of birth” “05/22/87”, &nbsp.“Thank you, how are you doing today?, my name is Angelica, I will be your personal dining associate for this afternoon. I am here to go over your menu selections for today. I see you haven’t filled out your menu and I wanted to make sure your lunch is exactly what you would wanted. Today’s specials for lunch include veal parmesan and meatloaf with mushroom gravy. Veal parmesan is a lightly breaded veal cutlet topped with marinara sauce & mozzarella cheese served with a side of al dente rotini pasta and sliced zucchini. The second option is savory meatloaf topped with mushroom gravy, a warm baked potato and fresh cut green beans. If you are not interested in the specials, we also offer menu alternatives.” You place your order but before the dining associate leaves the room, she says “here is my card, with my name and the nutrition and dining services number, if you need anything during your stay, please do not hesitate to call.” Before you know it, your lunch is right in front of you with exactly what you ordered. “Here is your lunch for today, is there anything else I can get for you? Do you need any help setting up your tray?”

You may be asking yourself right now “how can customer service like this be implemented at North Shore University Hospital?” or maybe “why isn’t

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