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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Hinduism.

Hinduism basically is a term which had been given to represent the majority of people who lived in subcontinent in 16th century. Apparently, Hinduism might be appearing as a unifying system of all the people and caste following Hindi deities but in reality it is a term that had been assigned to the list of beliefs which Hindus had.

Different traditional aspects could be studied and observed while researching regarding Hinduism. As more and more research one would conduct regarding Hinduism, the more patterns and traditional statement would come to elaboration.

Considering that Hinduism lacks a unifying system, a number of differing ideologies and casts together combine to form Hindu religion. The religion itself reaches to severity of positivity and negativity. Like every other religion, Hinduism or in other words, Dharma is also responsible to shape the lives of its followers. People in the fold of Hindu religion confer their sincerity and faith to about 330 million deities. According to differing beliefs, each deity has numerous disguise which are attained for the purpose of betterment or punishment of hinds. The fruit or punishment is given on the basis of deeds of Hindus (Flood, 1996). The vibrant amount of deities, differing ideologies and countless disguise together make up Hindu religion which is then represented with the term Hinduism.

A very interesting fact to note in terms of Hinduism is that this religion had been greatly shaped by the traditions of the area or region where it bestowed its ancient marks of divinity. The mark of Hinduism is considered to be India because most of their noble places of divinity for pilgrimage lie in the area. Many societal and cultural aspects have made Hinduism vital to India. The cultural influences that made Hinduism a vital religion to India are the traditions, norms and customs that are being followed even now in the present

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