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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Stress Management in the Workplace.

An incident that went in front of my eyes was when one of my peers had to face a very stressful situation at the hands of her boss who was constantly harassing her in one way or the other. This meant that she had to undergo immense mental and psychological torture which was bracketed under the heading of both sexual harassment as well as stress that she was taking almost on a daily basis.

It left her into resigning soon after but with the help and assistance of a few friends that even included me. she went back to work and spoke to the human resources department about the same as well (Warn, 2003). This made her feel good because her irony was documented for and she felt valuable within the domains of the organization nonetheless. The reason why she was holding back her thoughts and feelings was due to the fact that she was her subordinate and did not know how to go about dealing with such a delicate matter involving her superior.

Once her friends exclaimed to her that she had to get her act together and take back her resignation because it was uncalled for, things were set right immediately. The workplace stress was such that she had started to believe that the mistake was hers and that she was a victim of some form of shortcoming on her own part, which was simply not the case at all. Her friends made her realize that she needed to get her act together and speak to the human resources department to bring an end to both her stressful regimes as well as the harassment ordeal that she was going through. I found out that she got the courage after her friends at the workplace found out and they helped her get through to the relevant individual within the human resources department which was a very quintessential aspect of the whole debate nonetheless.

There were quite a few learning that were done on my part. I found out that the stress

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