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Imagine that a Unit Coordinator and the Nursing Director of a hospital are having a discussion:

Unit Coordinator: We just can’t seem to get these lab results fast  enough for the physicians to use them! I have seen 6 lab tests reordered  this week alone, when a consulting doc didn’t realize that the  attending physician had already ordered them. Nursing Director: We do seem to have a problem with getting lab  results back into the charts. Can’t you just work faster or harder to  get the paperwork assembled? Unit Coordinator: The lab sends paper results up with runners every  hour or two. But then we have to find the right chart, making sure we  paste the results in the right spot in the chart. Sometimes the runners  send up results that are four or five hours old. You should see the docs  steaming when they still don’t know the results of the latest CBC or  blood gas analysis! Then the patient gets upset about the phlebotomist  coming around again to draw blood. I mean, who would want to get stuck  in the arm twice in 3-4 hours? Nursing Director: Well, I’ll see what we can do. We were talking in  utilization committee just the other day about duplicate charges on lab  work. We had thought it was a billing duplication problem. Now I see,  maybe it’s bigger than that. 

Your task:

Write a 1-page paper that answers the following:

  • If you were director of the health information management department  in this hospital and wanted to improve on the current system, what  would you recommend?
  • If an electronic computerized solution is proposed, what would you specify that system has to be able to do?
  • What departments would it need to communicate with?
  • Use your background in health information technology to write a  Needs Analysis proposing a solution and specifying system features.

Be sure to cite your source(s) and make sure your paper is free of spelling and grammar errors.

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