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Write a 2 page essay on The Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India: In service for Sight.

The foregoing factors are a manifestation of Dr. V’s grand vision and ambition of a spiritual approach of helping visually impaired people bring back their vision. He is the heart and soul of Aravind’s success and it is through the clinical and support staff through which he channels his vision and ambition.

It would be difficult, however, to judge the individual motives of the staff but considering that many of the administrators and clinical staff are related to him, many of whom gave up their former jobs, it could be fairly presumed that they share his noble visions.

The quality of service at the paying hospital is high despite the heavy volume of patients, with eye surgery taking only 15 minutes at the most. This is because service is conducted very systematically on a step-by-step or sequential basis with every step conducted by different members or group of staff and the eye surgeon going from one operation in one table to the next within the same operating theater without let up. Although the same systematic procedure can be observed in the free hospital, the volume of patients is perhaps too overwhelming to allow a smooth flow of the established procedure with the rooms and other facilities more cramped and crowded. In addition, it is not as fully equipped as the paying hospital making its quality of service a notch lower than that of the latter. A weakness of the Aravind hospital is perhaps also its strongest point: the very fast paced delivery of service. As stated, 5 surgeons and 15 nurses could conduct operation in 5 hours. However, these surgeons and nurses are only human and therefore, could be subject to fatigue. Even well-oiled machines can breakdown with non-stop use. Fatigue can lead to irreversible errors, which is not acceptable, and fatal, in the health or eye care industry.

Aravind has

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