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Write 3 page essay on the topic XBIS ASSIGNENT WK6.

In fact, Club IT is now selling advance tickets for Friday and Saturday night concerts online. However, it is quite clear that only a few nightclubs have ventured in e-commerce activities. Hence, there is an opportunity to maximize this initiative in the nightclubs for a better competitive advantage and efficiency in the business.

Indeed, there are wide opportunities to streamline the ordering process via Business-to- Business e-commerce.

There are various project development methodologies. However, before choosing any methodology it is advisable to devise a workable plan to analyze the expected costs and benefits of the available methodologies. Actually, information systems are dependent on organizational planning in relation to its performance as compared to other business competitors. As such, a cost- benefit analysis is fundamental for any project development methodology. We have five project development methodologies that include buying the applications, developing them, leasing them, outsourcing them, using open-source software, or using software-as-a-service (Rue & and Byars, 2006). I opt to use the leasing method as the backbone of my analysis on Club IT. Club IT is a Small- medium enterprise, which can hardly afford major investments in IT software. Hence, the leasing methodology will be suitable for it. Since the company would prefer software that will cover its requirements, the lease methodology will avail to the company the software with dominant features which will save Club IT both time and money in developing. In evaluating the methodology, Club IT can apply the 80/20 rule that will enable the company to customize its system in case of technological advancements. Additionally, since Club IT is a Small- medium enterprise, it has inadequate supply of IT personnel to develop customized IT applications befitting the company,

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