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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Comparative analysis.

Roger Scruton (2010) on the other hand looks at the issue of the modern education from another perceptive. He also agrees that that there is a problem with the modern education and that there needs to be a way to deal with these issues. To make his point, he introduces his text by reviewing a book written some century years ago by a catholic scholar. The book is titled The Idea of a University authored by Cardinal John Henry Newman who was a great scholar during the 19th century (Scruton, 2010). Scruton outlines how Newman describes the ideal university. He points out that Newman painted a picture of a university not just as a place to gain knowledge, but a place to shape and guide a man’s discipline. Roger Scruton argues that this is almost no longer the case.

These two authors tackle the issue from two different angles. For instance, Ribinson looks the issue from a creativity point of view and argues that there is a need for modern schools to create an environment that helps students to be creative. This problem has been looked at by a number f people. Scruton on the other hand looks at the issue of modern education mostly from an economic point of view. In his article, he looks at the kind of decision that most parents, especially those who are economically restrained, make before deciding to take their teenage child to university. Roger Scruton’s argument is based on the fact that education has become very expensive and the courses that the university today offers some programs that may not seem to improve much on the student. He contradicts Newman’s ideal view of a university. To describe how Newman’s idea of a university cannot be achieved today, he gives an example of how a father may feel after sending his daughter to university only for the daughter to graduate with a course in women’s studies (which he

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