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Write a 6 page essay on Rhetorical and Visual Analysis.

This notion has been followed by nearly all circles without regard to relevance of female models to the products or services being offered or sold. As a consequence, one may witness the presence of females in advertisements of cars or banks on regular basis. the need for which cannot be explained logically. The trend becomes more deleterious for the female sex, when their sexuality is exploited to attract the male viewers to convince them into buying a product or service. This practice literally turns the living female models into objects which are then perceived as equivalent to consumables or disposables, thereby creating problems for the females in real life (Ross & Byerly 51).

This advertisement utilizes pathos as its central element to exploit emotions of its viewers to promote a product. Taking a look at the above advertisement, one can clearly get the idea that Burger King is selling its new bigger burger in the market now. The price is written on the lower side and the logo on top right aspect of the advertisement. Apparently, this is a simple way of promoting a product that is new in the market. However, the portrayal of a woman with an expression of astonishment on her face, her lips covered with a deep shade of lipstick and face buried under layers of makeup with her gaze fixed at the object that is present on the right side of the advertisement right in the front of her face raises questions regarding the hidden message that this advertisement delivers to the viewers. What is the object at which this model is staring? Is it merely a seven inch long, thick, dripping with white creamy mayonnaise burger in front of her face. that has made her astonished to the extent of protruding her eyes out of their sockets? The answer to all these questions is given in the line that underlines the pictorial

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