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Hi, I need help with essay on Addonney Beauty Shop. Paper must be at least 4000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This project will contain the E-marketing Plan for Addoony Beauty Shop. Some of the topics that will be discussed in this project are:

-Firm description

-Addressing the role of internet in marketing firm’s products/services

-Online Consumer Behavior

Addoony is an e-commerce company designed to become the market leader in Web-based sales of beauty services and products. The shop is located in Qatar. Although many Internet companies have recently joined the market and created stiff competition and failed, the Internet is expected to support several e-commerce businesses for many years to come. Most of the dot-coms failed to establish their ground in the e-market because of poor strategies that they laid for their businesses that had no true revenue streams. Addoony tends to overcome these problems with easy to use website for its customers and a distribution system that is efficient for their products throughout Qatar.

Addoony’s mission is to provide the best services and products using the Internet to lower the consumer’s cost. The online shop exists to attract and maintain customers through their daily interaction with the website to check for any new product in the market and the introduction of new services. When Addooney’s beauty shop adheres to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. The shops services will, therefore, be expected to exceed the expectations of the customers in Qatar. This will help maintain an enormous proportion of clients to sustain the shop for long and .further help to advertize it. In the coming years, the beauty shop intends to create an icon in e-commerce. In the process, it will brand in the sale of beauty products and services and will grow to a high generating revenue online shop.

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