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While validity helps in determining the types of tests to be used and ensure that researchers make use of methods that are ethical and effective, reliability plays a critical role in psychological tests. Reliability ensures that the test is valuable by maintaining consistency of the outcomes.

Before locating the most suitable measurement tools, assess what the clients should know very well, can understand and are able to do. Plan the intent and scope of the assessment by considering the expected experiences after the assessment. Put into consideration how and if the assessment method will determine all the dimensions. Format the assessment instrument to make a clear meaning.

When there is a change of program estimates associated with a change in items, then program drift occurs across several administrations. If program values show inconsistency than expected because of measurement errors only, then it cannot be assumed that program values are invariant in testing occasions. Therefore, this may limit the use of the item and warrant its removal from the bank of items.

Presence of program drift is mostly associated with construction of irrelevant variance that affects the performance on the item. Due to this systematic performance shift for a long time, cases of program drift may have negative consequences on an assessment program and may ultimately affect inference validity generated from the test scores. This is a common challenge in research.

I think both have the same weight. This is because they increase accountability in the political realm. These guidelines help in making decision on evaluation methods to use than reducing errors in

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