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Hi, I need help with essay on Womens Occupational Distribution in the U.S. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Most particularly, women have been able to take paid jobs. However, they encounter difficulties in balancing between their work and house lives. Under the pressure of the double day, women have put pressure on government and employers to recognize the value of child bearing roles.&nbsp.&nbsp. Many women strive to attain skills that will help them acquire well paid jobs and better working conditions. Women have also become organized and created movements that break down discriminatory barriers that hinder them from accessing better jobs.&nbsp. In addition, “increased participation of women in labor force has spurred women struggles to improve wages and working conditions, and attack head on multiple discrimination they face in the labor force,&nbsp. from sexual harassment to racism” (Amott and Matthaei 309). This has enabled women to gain financial freedom and avoid dependence on men. A substantial number of women have entered the paid labor force. The work force has ceased from being a preservative of white males.&nbsp. Amott and Matthaei noted “In 1900, white men made up 72 percent of all workers, but by 1990, their share had fallen to 43 percent” (317).In conclusion, it can be noted that the occupational distribution of women in the United States has a historical background. It has been affected by racial-ethnicity, gender and class statuses. Women in the United States have risen above these challenges and have taken well paid jobs in the labor market. However, the current occupational distribution has in part been influenced.

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