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The work must be original work. I have to send it turn it in. If you used it before for someone you can’t use for me. If you are going to write it, the maximum content that can be from sources is 10%.

These are the following topic that we studied

Week 1: Process of Research

Week 2: Research Problem

Week 3: Qualitative Data – Linear Regression

Week 4: Quantitative Data – Time Series

Week 5: Linear Programming

Week 6: Decision Analysis

Week 7: Displaying Data

We can consider your research an introductory research and you need to provide recommendations to advance it, so do the following:

1- Restate the objective of your research and the purpose of the study

2- Discuss the data that you need to conduct the study

3- Discuss the limitations and challenges you faces

4- Explain the existing research that you found and how that is different from your research. What are the similarities?

5- This is important: what are the next steps (these are your recommendations for future research – if you were to continue the research).

6- Based on what you learned from the class, what is the best statistical test for “your” research data (once it is collected or gathered)?

7- This is important: how will your research help managers make better decisions?

Submit this (at least 6 pages excluding cover page/references/etc.) by 10/19/2016 11:00PM.

Topic research: How the lack of drug and medical supplies affect emergency obstetric care .

Word document for analysis and excel sheets with best statistical test.

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