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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Analysis of Food and Culture.

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The paper tells important facts about the food. The culture of food in America has influenced ethnic and religious groups in the region. Food and culture in America are interesting because the native Americans have interacted with foreign cultures. There are rules on which foods are edible in the American culture. In the American culture, wild animals are not considered as edible. They believe that the animal is required to live free in the wild. On the contrary, in the Chinese culture snakes are considered edible. In the bible, snakes are among the few animals that were not edible.

In central Europe, the food individuals eat is linked to their religious beliefs. An individual who eats pork is a Christian. In Judaism and Islam cultures, individuals are prohibited eat pork by their cultures. Italians believe that people are what they eat and what one eats defines them. A typical Italian family will celebrate their holidays, with special foods. It means that Italian culture respects holidays and they do celebrate their holidays with nutritious food. Roast turkey and Ravioli suggest an Italian family celebrating one of the many holidays in the calendars. Wine is an important part of Italian meals and it is viewed as a form of art (Kittler &amp. Sucher, 2008). Dishes in Italian foods are dominated by tomatoes.

Mexican culture includes a vast variety of food items that has influenced the American culture. Cultural influences in the Mexican cultures have made it rich and authentic. They are known to have spicy food, which was influenced by the Mayan culture.

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