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Need an argumentative essay on A comparison of the novel and film Up in the air. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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This essay discusses that however, there is no actual visualization of her commitment and her satisfaction for the job that she does. In the film, when she finally meets Ryan, it becomes clear that Alex is an ambitious woman who is driven by the need to succeed in life. Alex finds it compelling to share their income in a move seen to mean being able to determine how far one has to go in the achieving. She has a self-drive to make ends meet for herself, though she has a number of issues for which she is expected to deal with in order to streamline her goals in life.The interviews with the people who have lost their jobs in the film are of essence to a greater extent. Looking back at the beginning of the story, Ryan goes around talking to employees and those who have been fired. This is done to get a feel of how people feel when they are fired from places of work and what is supposed to happen after such an event. The interviews bring into perspective the essence of the work and how one has to transition from one professional duty to another. When the interviews are done, the audiences get to understand the how different corporate entities treat their employees with respect to hiring and firing. To some extent, the interview is of necessity, though does not give a full meaning of what the theme of the movie is all about. Though the whole movie has all to do with employees and employers and how people transition from one job to another, it becomes difficult to get the essence of why the interviews are done.

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