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Need an argumentative essay on Positive Aspects of Globalization. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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This essay approves that the world today emerges in a globalized way where in countries have the opportunities to practice business in a global standard and develop a country with foreign policies. This is an advantageous perspective because of the advanced policies that are imposed through the leading organizations or countries. Globalization has increased the income of the country through its comparative advantage, it allows the developing countries to have an access to the global capital, the use of technology have been widely accepted and used by various industries, it provides jobs and opportunities to the people and it strengthens the human rights. Economic globalization has been a very vital in developing countries to gain assistance from developed countries.

This report makes a conclusion that policies of the developed countries will be applied to the less developed countries now to know if such strategy will be good for the economy of the country. One good point though about globalization is that the terms ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries will be eliminated because uniformity will be imposed all over the areas of economy of each country. Apparently, the world economic market will now be generalized into one. Smaller economies will have more chances to prove their natural wealth to the world and contribute for the success of all not only for a particular niche. Thus, globalization is really good for the economy because of its numerous advantages that have been criticized by some people.

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