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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Brooklyn Bridge, Joseph Stella, 1920.

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Marin is famous for painting landscapes scenes in New England. In this particular painting, Marin was inspired by the Woolworth building and decided to paint it using water color and charcoal to preserve the materials that were used to paint then. Marin made even the most familiar views of the abstract during his time. In his painting, even the city is made abstract. He dangerously depicts Woolworth building veering toward abstraction in his painting. The building is painted to stagger ominously over the viewer of the work. In the painting, Marin has handled the surface roughly in his painting to demonstrate that watercolors can be classified as a modernist medium. Wood was inspired by the American Gothic House in which colonialists lived. He decided to paint the house and the people living in it. The paint portrays a farmer standing beside his spinster daughter. The woman in the paint is dressed in a colonial print apron, which evokes the Americana of the 19th century and the couple is a traditional festival involving couples. 2.The painting by Grant Wood is organized rigorously. The man in the paint is holding a pitchfork and he is mirrored by a similar pattern in his overall stitching. The man’s shirt stripes have been echoed in the boards of the house and a barn behind him. The woman, on the other hand, is tied into a composition to form a pattern of circles on her shirt that rhyme with the man’s spectacles. In the last rhyming pattern, the pair has been rendered in a stiff manner to resound.

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