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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Judea War and Jews Role in First Two Wars.

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Judea War and Jews’ Role in First Two Wars

I was also skeptic with the materials as they were written purposely to refute one in order to favor the other. The facts and documents may be present but the article presented by the National-Socialist Party of Canada is apparent in its inclination with Adolf Hitler. However, with the Mailstar’s article, being document-ridden site had made its point in its presentation. With organized narration of the accounts of the pre-WWII particularly of Benjamin Freedman and supported evidences, I agree with the bias-state of the sites as well as the analysis of Freedman that Jews had brought themselves into the tragedy brought by wars that German executed to most of them. They have been very influential in manipulating leaders of nations and organizations in order to get what their own personal interest – the Palestine. I also agree that Germany indeed suffered from the betrayal of its own citizens who had embraced the religion of the Jews. Freedman made this perspective easy to comprehend when he exemplified the Chinese Arab or Chinese Moslem. betraying their own homeland and their fellow countrymen because of the notion that they were Chinese Moslem and was different from the citizens of China. Personal interest creates greed and abuse of power – this is the case of the Jews during the Pre-WWII ear. Freedman had emphasized that “not a single hair was touched to any Jews in Germany” even with all of their provoking advances against the Germans.

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