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Write 9 page essay on the topic Geology / petrology: Classification of Granitoids.

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This paper stresses that the evolution of granitoid is depended on the magma source composition, tectonic settings, reaction of the magma rocks, time of crystallization , fractionation process at the crystallizatiom time and depth of emplacement. The mineral content of the granitoid depends on the temperature and composition of magma source.. Granitoid has white and black bands of feldspar and mica minerals and is medium to coarse grained.

This article makes a conclusion that granitoid is a rock consisting quartz with a granular structure and crystals and in come with different size and colors . They granitoids are classified in SIAM by Chappel and white after studying them exclusively. The granitoids are classified based on their source of origin, appearance and chemical and mineral composition. The granitoids are also calssified according to their tectonic settings. “ Field and petrographic characteristics confirm that the granitic parent rock most likely had magmatic origin, and thatone of the mechanisms of emplacement of the parent granitic rocks may have been the process of piecemeal stoping”.The granitoid need to be studied more by geologists as there is more to be explored about them. Granitoids takes place on collision belts and they are recognized by their spatial association and mineral deposit. Research is still going on regarding the granitoid types and its sources. As time progress, more classification will arise as more is discovered about this magma rocks.

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