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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Private Schools. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

&nbsp.The private schools are usually controlled by the private corporation. That is, nonaffiliated or religious. Besides, they are supported by the private funds. One characteristic of private school is that of double selection. The private schools select their students and teachers and then the parents or guardians select the schools to take the students. It is, therefore, clear that the private education is due to parental choice. The private schools can be operated by the entrepreneurs whose aim is to make the profit, charities, or the religious groups. Although the public education is free, many people prefer to take their children to private schools. There are many benefits that can be enjoyed in private schools as discussed below.The first benefit of private schooling is academic opportunities provided. In private schools, there are challenging and exceptional educational experiences due to the advanced placement courses and the extracurricular activities among other programs. In the United States, students from the private schools score better marks than those from public schools on standardized tests (Hahn, Kim & Seo, 2014).). In some private schools, there is a one hundred percent rate of students who are admitted to the universities after passing their exams.The second advantage is that of smaller classes. In private schools, the ratio of teachers to students is lower compared to that in public schools. Students perform better when taught in small class size.&nbsp.

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