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Compose a 500 words essay on How sports may focus the brain written by Gretchen Reynolds. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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A lab was set up that had treadmills and numerous video screens displaying traffic. each participant of the study wore special goggles to make their surrounds pop out and look as realistic as possible. The video placed the participants in an alley, where they were then given numerous chances to make it to the other side of the virtual street, having to weave their way through traffic. At the end of the experiment, the greater success group was the athletes, having made it to the other side of the street with fewer virtual casualties. It is believed that the reason why the athletes proved more successful in the study is because their brains are able to process information at a quicker speed. While many people would assume that their success was due to their athletic prowess, Reynolds’ article goes on to discuss that “the constant multitasking and information processing demanded by athletics increases both the capacity of the athletes’ mental information processing systems and their speed (Reynolds, 2011).” A study undergone in China during a badminton game proved a similar theory when professional badminton players were able to successfully predict where the shuttlecock would land each time. The most important idea that this article shows is that sports can help with the functioning of a person’s brain, especially in regard to the areas that read and process information being given from an external source.

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